Dear Mini-Brigader,

If it has been ages since you have heard any news from the Finger Lakes Polecat harmini Brigade it is because we have been waiting for the conclusion of the Seneca Land District Convention and the expiration of the registration deadline (April 18) to see if we would have enough participants to field Mini-Brigade. Unfortunately, the interest this year is much lower than last year, too low to hold a successful contest. It is with regret that we will not be holding the Mini-Brigade.

We wish to thank all those who registered and were looking forward to a fun contest. I'm sure you are as disappointed as we are. Your registration fee will be refunded very soon.

We will try again next year and hope you will sign up again in 2012.


The Finger Lakes Polecat harmini Brigade committee

Don Lebow, Jeremy Beutel, Everett Nelson
inger Lakes Polecat harmini Brig